Monday, 23 September 2013

Sun, sea and cocktails!

For our summer holiday this year my husband and I went to Marmaris in Turkey. 

 I was slightly worried how I would stay true to my vintage style but I think I kinda pulled it off.  I mainly went more 50's than 40's, with my cats eye sunglasses and polka dots.  We stayed in a lovely hotel called Emre Beach Hotel which was very stylish and comfortable and we also had a slight view of the sea from our balcony which made me very happy!

I was determined to dress comfy for the flight as I HATE being cold on the plane.  So to travel, I wore a skirt with an elasticated waist (extra comfy and roomy) and tights and cardy to keep me toasty warm.  

Top - Primark * Skirt - Charity Shop * Bag - Charity Shop * Cardigan - Primark

We spent a lot of time drinking as you can see.  The cocktails were yummy.  Excuse the poor victory rolls, my hair was very naughty on holiday and took ages to tame.

 Dress - eBay * Hair flower - Asda

Oh dear, drinking again.  Believe it or not but I hardly drink normally!  I was actually happy with my hair on this night.

Check out the sea view from our balcony.  This view made me very happy.  I love to be able to see the sea (ha I bet I couldn't say that after those cocktails!)  This was also the evening after having my pin curls in all day.  As you can see, it wasn't the best set, but I did manage to get some curl.  Woohoo!  The skirt I'm proudly wearing is homemade by ME!  It's the first thing I ever made and cost about £3.00 for the material.  I was proper chuffed at how it turned out.

Top - Tesco * Skirt - hand made * Shoes - eBay * Watch - Carboot sale 

This was my favourite outtfit of the holiday.  I love the colours in the skirt and it was very lightweight which meant it was very cool to wear.  I bought the fan earlier that day at Icemeler Market as it was so hot.  It made me feel very glam.

 T-shirt - Primark * Skirt - Charity Shop * Belt - Matalan * Shoes - Asda * Fan - Icemeler Market

Dont ask.  I wasn't drunk.  Honest.

Another home made skirt.  This time a circle skirt made with yellow gingham.  This skirt was very fun to wear.  I couldn't stop twirling and ended up making myself so dizzy that I fell over.

T-shirt - Primark * Skirt - Home made * Shoes - eBay 

Twirling.  Shortly before I fell over.

Check out the view from outside the hotel.  

So, as you can see, I had a very relaxing (yes, and drunken) holiday.  Now to start and look for next years holiday...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Curls curls, where art thou?

So far on holiday I haven't managed to curl my hair. At all. I've only been setting it a few hours before we go out on an evening, which has resulted in droopy curls and some that just refuse to even bend. So today, I am on a mission. My husband and I are off for a romantic meal and I want curls. I will have curls dammit.

So this is how I'm looking round the pool today. Pin curls around the bottom with a barrel curl at the front. Topped off with a silk headscarf. Let there be curls!
Headscarf-charity shop

Oh and our view whilst eating lunch.

Later alligator! X

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A summer holiday

Woohoo I'm on my jolly holidays! It feels like forever since we booked our holiday to Marmaris in Turkey. It's caused me a headache trying to pack vintage for the heat, but I don't think I've done too bad. I've mainly gone for cotton skirts with a 50's feel, one of which I made myself and will no doubt fall apart when I have it on. So keep posted for my holiday outfit posts, and disaster hair styles (my hair refuses to set in this weather).

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 2 September 2013

My vintage journey

I have always loved the fashions of the 1940's and 1950's.  I love the glamour, the shapes, the cut but most of all, I love the idea of a simpler way of life than today's society.  Alas, lacking the self confidence meant that I stuck to baggy jumpers and leggings.

At the grand old age of 29 I had a moment of clarity.  Approaching 30, surely it doesn't matter if I don't look like the identikit teenie boppers of today with skinny thighs, mini skirts, orange tan and backcombed hair that resembles a birds nest?  At the age of 29 I have accepted that my thighs rub together and my belly resembles blancmange.  Don't ask me how this surge of self confidence and acceptance came about, because quite frankly I haven't a clue!  But it has, and I am embracing it!  Sod everyone who may think I'm weird or look like a Nana.  I DON'T CARE!  

So here started my journey with vintage, thrifting, glamour and even a bit of homemade.  Gone are the leggings and baggy jumpers.  No more "hair scraped back in a pony tail" day for me (see below).  I literally gave all my clothes that I owned to charity.  So my wardrobe has to start from scratch.  This blog is a way for me to share my journey and hopefully make some like minded new friends.  A special thanks to Retro Chick and LandGirl1980 for the inspiration and kick up the (huge) arse that I needed to get myself in gear!